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For Patients

Patient and Family's Rights

Rights to medical treatment

You have the rights to:

            Rights to make informed decisions

            You have the rights to:

                Rights to information and health education

                You have the rights to:

                      • Tests & investigation
                      • Diagnosis
                      • Treatment
                      • Potential and probable complications or side effects
                      • Prognosis
                      • Procedure performed
                      • Follow up and continuity of care after discharge
                      • Pain management where appropriate
                      • Organ donations / transplantation process as when appropriate

                    Rights to privacy and confidentiality

                    You have the rights to:

                      Rights to a safe and healthy environment

                      You have the rights to:

                        Rights to information on cost of treatment

                        You have the rights to:

                              Rights to voice comments or concerns

                              You have the rights to:


                                Patient and Family's Resposibilities

                                • Comply with hospital regulations and laws related to their treatment and healthcare.
                                • Provide accurate and complete information about your health to the attending doctor to the best of your ability.
                                • Follow doctor’s advice and treatment, keep appointments and inform the doctor or the hospital if you are unable to do so.
                                • Inform the private healthcare facility of your ability to pay for the service to be rendered.
                                • To be responsible for the safe keeping of your own valuables.
                                • Refrain from engaging in personal matters and treatment of other patients or hospital staff.
                                • Inform the hospital who is your authorised next of kin/legal guardian.
                                • Inform the healthcare provider if you are a registered organ donor.

                                For Visitors

                                NOTICE OF REVISED VISITOR POLICY (EFFECTIVE FROM 27/1/2022)

                                Visiting Hours & Guidelines


                                Visiting Hours

                                Visiting Guidelines

                                • All visitors must comply with the Tung Shin Hospital Screening Policy and Procedure and extend full cooperation with the Hospital Staff in preventing and controlling the COVID-19 infection.
                                • Only ONE (1) visitor is allowed at a time for a duration of 15 minutes.
                                • A maximum of THREE (3) visitors are allowed per patient per day.
                                • Children aged 12 years and below are not allowed.
                                • All visitors must be fully vaccinated.
                                • Visitor must update COVID-19 status in MySejahtera. Only visitor, who is classified as Low Risk and No Symptom, can enter to the ward.
                                • Visitor must, at all times, wear face mask and maintain at least 1 meter distance from patient, and frequently sanitize hands. The use of face shield is strongly encouraged.
                                • Visitor shall confine their movement within the patient’s room.
                                • The stay-in companion is allowed to stay with the patient during visiting hours. Always wear mask and maintain 1 meter distance from the visitor.
                                • COVID-19 saliva test is recommended before visiting for safety of our patients.Please quarantine at home if tested POSITIVE on saliva test.
                                • The Security Guard reserves all rights to escort any visitor from the ward if foundnon-compliant with the abovesaid policy.

                                General Facilities



                                Self-Service Laundry

                                Meditation Room

                                Convenience Store


                                Private Corner Café

                                Medical Shoppe