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Room Rate

Western Medical Division
The following types of rooms are available at Tung Shin Hospital:

Single VIP Suite
Private Air-conditioned rooms with attached bath / tub / toilet facilities, wardrobe, telephone, fridge and TV. A lounge/kitchen is also provided for convenience and comfort.

Single Standard Room
Private Air-conditioned rooms with attached shower / toilet facilities, wardrobe, chairs, telephone, and TV.

Double Standard Room
Air-conditioned rooms for dual occupancy with attached shower/toilet facilities and wardrobe.

4-Bedded Room
Shared rooms with or without air-condition with attached shower / toilet facilities and wardrobe.


Bed Charges

  Bed Types   RM
Single VIP Suite (with A/C) 450
Single Standard (with A/C) 200
Double Standard (with A/C) 135
3-Bedded (with A/C) 100
4-Bedded (with A/C) 90
ICU (with A/C) 300
ICU Side Bedded (with A/C) 80
Acute Bay – 4-Bedded (with A/C) 200
Isolation Room 150
  Maternity Wards   RM
Maternity Suite (additional RM200 when delivery day) 500
Single Standard 200
2 Bedded 140
3 Bedded 110
4 Bedded 90
Isolation Maternity 150
5 Bedded 80
Nursery  50
Labour Room 300
 Special Nursing Care 50 
  Pediatrics Ward (children below 12 years old)   RM
2-Bedded (with A/C) 135
3-Bedded (with A/C) 100
  Day Case Patients
For patients admitted and discharged within 6 hours, they will be charged half-day rate


  • The above Room Rates are subject to change without prior notice.


Chinese Medical Division

Room Rate

  Room   RM
Deluxe single room with (air-condition and TV) 140
Single standard room with (air-condition and TV) 120
Double bedded room with (air-condition) 95
Four bedded room with (air-condition) 80


  • The above Room Rates are subject to changes without prior notice.