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Admission & Discharge

All patients need to be registered with the hospital prior to admission. Items required for the registration are :

  • Patient’s Identification Card (IC), Birth Certificate or Passport (for foreign or international patients only)
  • Doctors’ Admission Order
  • Deposit via any of the following :
    • Acceptable Corporate Guarantee Letter
    • Cash
    • Bank Draft or Banker’s Cashier Cheque
    • Credit Card
  • Completed Medical/Insurance Claim Form if patient is under Insurance or Corporate Guarantee

Patients can be registered for an admission at the following:

Operating Hours:
24 hours (Daily)

Admission Counter – Ground Floor , Western Medical Division.

Contact Number:
Tel No.: +603-2037 2332 / 2333


If the patient is scheduled for surgery or procedure in the morning, it is advisable that he or she be admitted one (1) day before the scheduled surgery or procedure. This will better facilitate and prepare the patient for the procedure.

Room Availability

  • Patients can choose from a wide range of rooms. However, room choice will be subjected to availability.
  • For patients who are covered by a corporate company or an insurance policy, the room choice shall be based on his/her entitlement as stipulated on the valid guarantee letter.

* If the patient chooses to upgrade his room, he shall do so at his own additional expense.

Payment Mode
Self paying patients :
The hospital will only accept the following:
• cash
• credit card
• bank draft
Patients utilizing company benefits or insurance services:
The hospital will accept the following:
• A valid guarantee letter at the time of admission; otherwise, a cash or credit card deposit shall be required.


Check Out Time:
• The hospital check-out time is 12.00 pm.
• For patients who discharge before 12.00 pm, NO LUNCH will be provided.
• If the patient stays in the room after 12.00 pm, a ½ (half) day room tariff rate will be levied.
• If the patient stays in the room after 5.00 pm, a one (1) full day room tariff rate will be levied.

Routine Discharge
Discharge Counter – Ground Floor , Western Medical Department Building
Operating Hours:
24 hours (Daily)
Contact Number:
Tel No.: +603-2037 2307

Non Routine Discharge
All non-routine discharges (i.e. discharges after the stipulated hours), or discharge at own request (AOR) will be processed at the Discharge Counter, International Patient Counter or the A & E Counter.

About Your Admission
• Identity Card or Passport or Birth Certificate
• Employer’s Guarantee Letter

• Pyjamas and Dressing Gown
• Slippers
• Toiletries

All admissions require a deposit or guarantee letter. Our consultant will inform you of your deposit amount at the time of your visit to the clinic.

Please do not bring excessive cash or other valuables on the day of your admission. If you should have such items with you when you are admitted, please arrange for your relatives to take them home.

The hospital will appreciate if you do not bring in personal equipment such as easy chair, television, VCR, radio, kettle or computer to the wards.

During Your Stay

If You Are Having Surgery
You are required to sign a Consent Form before the operation. In case of an emergency, an immediate family member will be required to sign on your behalf. Your doctor will explain what is to be done and why it is necessary. If blood transfusion is needed in the course of the operation, arrangements will have to be made with the laboratory to have the blood replaced by suitable donors.

Meal Services
Complimentary meals are provided during your stay. Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner will be served only during meal times. You will be given a menu daily to indicate your choices. If you have any special diet needs, please tell the nursing staff when you arrive.

No Smoking
Smoking is strictly prohibited. Please do not smoke or allow your visitors or relatives to smoke within the Hospital premises.

Only private rooms and VIP suites are provided with telephones. To make your calls please dial “0” for operator assistant. Charges for calls will be included In your hospital bill. There are public telephones located within the premises of the hospital. You are welcome to use them.

Mobile Phone
Mobile phones are NOT permitted within the hospital as they interfere with our high frequency electronic equipment, some of which are life saving.

Visiting Hours
Whilst we have no strict visiting hours, rest is an essential part of your care. Guests will be requested to leave the ward by 10.00 p.m. For security reason, please ask your visitors to report to the Nursing Station before entering your room.

On Going Home

Discharge Procedure
Your doctor will certify your discharge. A discharge slip will be given to you when your hospitalization bill is ready, go to the Cashier Office on the Ground Floor lobby to settle your bill and collect your medications, if any.
Please present the payment receipt to the ward staff and they will assist you if necessary for discharge.

Check Out Time
Hospital check-out time is before 12.00 noon (24 hours / 7 days a week). You will be allowed One (1) hour grace period to vacate your room. If you have to stay in your room longer than the extended time, you will be charged half-day’s rate until 6.00 p.m.. Any further extension will be charged at a full day’s rate.

Late Charges
If there are any late charges which have not been inducted in your hospitalization bill, we will contact you by telephone and by post.