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  Health Screening Packages

We often assume that when a person is not sick – he or she must be in good health, but this is not always the case. The root of many common diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attacks and cancer often set in years before the illness actually surfaces. To prevent these illnesses, early detection of risk factors is essential.

At Tung Shin Hospital, we have health screening program. X-ray, laboratory tests and physical examination may be carried out to have early detection of diseases. A Medical Report will be given when test results are ready.

A Medical Officer or Specialist will then discuss and advice you on certain alternatives i.e. changing of lifestyle and diet in order to maintain good health and prevent illness.

  • For enquiries and appointment, kindly contact+603-2037 2368  or email to wellness@tungshin.com.my

 Preparation before screening and general information:

· You are advised to make appointment for your health screening. 

 · At least fast 8-10 hours before health screening, no food and beverage are allowed during fasting, with the exception of water.

· Try to avoid expensive valuables and jewelleries with you during your health screening.

· Please bring along your Identity Card (for Malaysian)/ Passport (Non-Malaysian) and Letter of Guarantee from an approved company (if there is any).

· Please bring along your exercise shoes and attire if exercise stress test is included in your chosen health screening package.

· Due to different test or different visitor during the health screening, your name might not be called in sequence.

· If you wish to go for light meal after blood is drawn, kindly inform our counter staff or nurse. Only light meal is allowed.

· Avoid having a heavy meal before exercise stress test.

· If you experience any chest discomfort or you have done any heart surgery, please inform our counter staff or nurse before starts the exercise stress test.

· The management reserves the right to alter, cease or amend packages without prior notice.

· Our counter staff or nurse will call client for consultation appointment date when the medical report is ready (approximate time of 3-5 days).

Advice for Ladies

 · Kindly try to avoid to do health screening during your menstrual period. If you are menstruating on the day of your appointment, please inform the doctors during health Screening. You will not be able to do your Pap Smear as the presence of blood in these tests would produce inaccurate results.

· Please inform our counter staff or nurse during registration if you are pregnant , or suspected to be pregnant. X-rays, and Mammogram are not recommended for anyone who is pregnant.


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