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Tung Shin Cancer Centre

The Cancer Centre
Tung Shin Cancer Centre is a one stop cancer treatment facility to treat and manage your cancer competently. We provide treatment options to patients at minimal cost so any person diagnosed with cancer may enjoy prolonged and improved lives.

Patients receiving external beam treatment for breast cancer

Patients receiving external beam treatment for nose cancer

For complete radiotherapy treatment needs we also provide brachytherapy services for selected cases.

Planning Equipment

The simulator is fitted with image intensifiers and designed to capture orthogonal radiographs for accurate positioning and treatment volume planning.

Beam Directional Shell for Head & Neck Treatment
We provide immobilisation devices to treat certain types of cancers.

Our immobilisation devices are of international standard and give patients comfort whilst confirming to treatment protocols.

Computer Planning Room
Treatment volume planning is fully computerised with the most recent software available.

Treatment Equipment
The Cancer Centre is equipped with 2 Linear Accelerators for radiotherapy treatment; both producing photon and electron energies capable of treating deep-seated tumours and superficial lesions.

Linear Accelerator 1
Siemens Primus

Linear Accelerator 2
Siemens Mevatron

Clinic Hours:
8.00 am – 4.00pm (Monday- Friday), 8.00am – 12.00pm (Saturday)
* Sunday & Public Holidays-Closed

Cancer Centre, Lower Ground Floor, Western Medical Division

Contact Number:
Tel: 603-20372288 (Ext 600)
Fax: 603-20700345
Email: enquiry@tungshin.com.my