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Expectant mothers and children require special treatment and care. Tung Shin Hospital Maternity Services Program offers a wide variety of options which help in the bonding of family members. Our Labour Room is “Husband Friendly”. We encourage husband to accompany mother in labour room to give full support and to witness the delivery.

Antenatal classes are conducted at least twice a year to help mothers prepare for childbirth. The course provides valuable information on the various stages of pregnancy, delivery and baby care.

Topic Covered:
• Childbirth Preparation for First-time Parents
• Changes in Pregnancy
• Pain Relief in Labour
• Management of Labour
• Prenatal and Postnatal Exercises
• Breathing Exercises
• Breast-Feeding
• Baby Care
• Infant Massage

Rooms available in Maternity Ward are as follows:

Room Rate
Maternity Suite (additional RM200 when delivery day) RM 500
Single Standard RM 200
2 Bedded RM 140
3 Bedded RM 110
4 Bedded RM 90
Isolation Maternity RM 150
5 Bedded RM 80
Nursery RM 50
Labour Room RM 300
Special Nursing Care RM 50


Room Rates above are subject to changes without prior notice.

Parent visiting is allowed in the nursery during designated times. Our intent is to make visiting as comfortable and beneficial as possible for the babies and parent.
During any procedure/ emergency, visitors will be requested to leave and allow the necessary surgical or medical procedure to be carried out by the medical staff.

3A Floor, Western Medical Division.

Contact Number:
Tel No.: +603-2037 2330 or +603-2030 2730