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Haemodialysis Unit



– To upgrade our services, Tung Shin Hospital has established a Renal Dialysis Unit in May 1998 to cater for patients affected with kidney disease.

– Currently 17 dialysis machines.

– Machines are on yearly serviced by respective trained biomedical vendor. Medical equipments are maintained every 6 to 12 months by trained biomedical vendor and in-house trained biomedical team.

– Supported by Consultant Nephrologist, Physician with 200 hours training on Haemodialysis, 1 Nurse Manager, 5 Senior Staff Nurses, 3 Staff Nurses, 1 Asst Nurse, 1 Clerk and 1 Attendant.

– Water purification is an utmost importance in Haemodialysis unit for water quality standard. Regular water sampling is done MONTHLY in our unit to maintain good quality water.

– Our unit has been appointed by JPA and SOCSO as panel member.

  Standard Charges:
a. RM250.00 (Private Sector) per treatment for Malaysian not inclusive injection EPO (Non Hepatitis patient & Hepatitis patient)
  RM110.00 (Yayasan Nanyang) per treatment for Malaysian not inclusive injection EPO (Non Hepatitis patient)
  RM550.00 (Private Sector) per treatment for Non Malaysian (7.00am – 6.00pm) (Non Hepatitis patient & Hepatitis patient)
Payment Mode : Cash or Credit Card Only

* Ad hoc cases and new patients to Tung Shin Haemodialysis Unit are required to consult by credentialed physician and in-house blood serology is compulsory.

* Patients who wish to apply to apply for Tung Shin Hospital & Yayasan Nanyang Press Haemodialysis Centre Programme are required to submit application form and supporting documents to Tung Shin Haemodialysis Unit. Application is subject to management approval.

The following supporting documents is required :
1) Salary Pay Slip
2) Latest EPF Statement
3) Telephone Bill
4) Electricity Bill
5) Water Bill
6) Saving Account
7) Latest Income Tax Assessment

Operating Hours:
7.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m. (Monday – Saturday inclusive public holiday, closed on Sunday)
After 6.00p.m., there is an on call staff on standby to provide emergency dialysis treatment.

Haemodialysis Unit, 5th Floor , Western Medical Division.

Contact Number:
Tel No.: +603-2037 2766
Email: haem@tungshin.com.my