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We often assume that when a person is not sick – he or she must be in good health, but this is not always the case. The root of many common diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attacks and cancer often set in years before the illness actually surfaces. To prevent these illnesses, early detection of risk factors is essential.

At Tung Shin Hospital, you may walk-in for a health screening program. X-ray, laboratory tests and physical examination may be carried out to have early detection of diseases. A Medical Report will be given when test results are ready.

A Medical Officer or Specialist will then discuss and advice you on certain alternatives i.e. changing of lifestyle and diet in order to maintain good health and prevent illness.

  Standard  Screening
Physical Examination by Medical Officer Public Rate: RM265.00
Medical Report Senior Citizen Rate: RM239.00 (50 years & above)
ECG Wellness Center (5th floor) 
Chest X-ray Tel No: +603-2037 2301
Lab Profile I*(42 tests)  
  Premium Screening
Physical Examination by Medical Officer Public Rate: RM398.00 / Senior Citizen Rate: RM359.00 (50 years & above)
Physical Examination by Specialist Public Rate: RM488.00 / Senior Citizen Rate: RM440.00 (50 years & above)
Medical Report Wellness Center (5th floor) / Specialist clinic (1st floor)
ECG Tel No: +603-2037 2301 (Medical Official)
Chest X-ray             +603-2037 2312 / 2313 (Specialist)
Ultrasound Abdome  
 Lab Profile II*(44 tests)  
  Gold Screening
Physical Examination by Specialist  
Medical Report Public Rate: RM750.00
ECG Senior Citizen Rate: RM675.00 (50 years & above)
Chest X-ray  Specialist clinic (1st floor)
Ultrasound Abdomen Strictly by appointment only
Lab Profile II*(44 tests)  Tel No: +603-2037 2312 / 2313
Stress Test  
Lung Function Test  
  Lab Profile I (1-11)
  Lab Profile II (1-12)
1 Haematology Profile
2 Fasting Blood Sugar
3 Renal Profile
4 Liver Function Test
5 Lipid Profile
6 Diabetic
7 Thyroid
8 Hepatitis B Screening
9 Urine Analysis
10 Blood Grouping
11 Venereal Disease (STD)
12 Tumor Markers (CEA + AFP)
  Optional Tests
HAV screening RM44.00
HCV screening RM52.00
HIV screening RM36.00
Homocysteine RM68.00
Microalbumin RM38.00
AFP RM38.00
CEA RM40.00
PSA RM52.00
Stress Test RM295.00
Ultrasound Abdomen RM245.00
Lung Function Test RM15.00
Pap smear (Female) RM33.00
Ultrasound Both Breasts RM135.00
Mammography (Female) RM135.00