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Haemodialysis Centre

– To upgrade our services, Tung Shin Hospital has established a Renal Dialysis Centre in May 1998 to cater for patients affected with kidney disease.

– Currently 16 dialysis machines.

– Machines are on 6 monthly serviced by respective biomedical vendor. Medical equipments are maintained every 6 – 12 monthly by trained biomedical vendor and in-house biomedical team.

– Supported by 1 Consultant Nephrologist, 1 Nurse Manager, 5 Senior Staff Nurse, 2 Staff Nurse, 2 Asst Nurse, 1 Clerk and 1 Attendant.

– Water purification is the major role in handling dialysis machines. Regular water sampling is done MONTHLY in our centre to maintain good quality water.

– Our centre has been appointed by JPA and SOCSO as panel member.

  Standard Charges:
a. RM200.00 (Private Sector) per treatment for Malaysian
  RM110.00 (Yayasan Nanyang) per treatment for Malaysian
  RM350.00 (Private Sector) per treatment for Non Malaysian (7.00am – 5.00pm)
  RM480.00 after 5.00pm
b. Injection EPO RM60.00 / RM67.00 per injection (TSH)
Payment Mode : Cash or Ct Card Only
Clinic Hours:
7.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m. (Monday – Saturday inclusive public holiday)
After 5.00p.m., there is an on call staff on standby to provide emergency treatment.
*Closed on Sunday.

Haemodialysis Centre, 5th Floor , Western Medical Division.

Contact Number:
Tel No.: +603-2037 2366
Email: haem@tungshin.com.my