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Objectives, Vision & Mission


  • To render services to the general public, irrespective of race, creed or religion. The hospital is provided with Chinese and Western Medical Department, with various clinical sections and patient wards and is staffed with Chinese Physician, Western trained doctors and nurses for service to patients.
  • To render free medical treatment to poor patients.
  • To assist destitute in-patients, and their funerals.
  • To establish, maintain and administer homes for the aged, in order to take care of the destitute old people.
  • To raise and apply special funds for the relief of refugees of various calamities.
  • To establish, maintain and administer any charitable organizations or associations whose objectives are totally or partially relevant to those of this Hospital.


To be a progressive innovative not-for-profit healthcare center committed to the pursuit of excellence in the holistic care of patients facilitated by the use of modern western medical technology and traditional complimentary medicine.
We aim to be a progressive organization that will optimize resources, provide superior quality services to the customer’s satisfaction at an affordable cost, demonstrated by our commitment to high standard of professionalism.