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Tung Shin Academy of Nursing was started in 1992 and began a two year Certificate in Nursing Course. To date, more than 350 Assistant Nurses qualified from this program are serving in various hospitals throughout Malaysia and Singapore. In 2012, the Academy began an additional program, that is Diploma in Nursing – a three year, full-time training program.


It is our belief that the role of the Nurse is to contribute to the provision of optimum standards of individualized, research-based, holistic care without discrimination; which reflects at all times the rights of the clients relating to respect, comfort, privacy, information and health education. To achieve optimum standard of care, we maintain that it is essential for the Assistant Nurses / Diploma trained nurses to be sensitive and committed to care in nursing.


Tung Shin Academy of Nursing strives to be a center of excellence in Certificate in Nursing and Diploma in Nursing in the Klang Valley.


The training programs are designed to enable the Assistant Nurses and Staff Nurses to acquire necessary knowledge and skills pertinent to the art and science of nursing as well as to adopt compassionate and committed attitudes when rendering competent care. The training will also enhance personal and professional growth of Assistant Nurses / Diploma trained nurses to a higher level through continued education.


On successful completion of the 2 year course, the Assistant Nurse or 3 year Diploma nurse is expected to:

  • Link theory with practice when providing quality nursing care to patients undergoing curative, restorative, preventive and rehabilitative procedures.
  • Realize her role as a member of the health care team involved in the total management of patients.
  • Adopt the correct attitude necessary for the effective practice of nursing.

As stipulated by Nursing Board, Ministry of Health, Malaysia.


The subjects are presented as lectures and tutorials, with a high degree of student participation in seminars, discussions and student prepared projects. Practical classes and demonstrations are utilized where concepts are best demonstrated in a practical session.

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Throughout the 2 or 3 years of training, students will be placed in wards and community clinic setting to gain clinical experience that will correlate theory with practice.


Regular in-house student assessments are conducted throughout the course. The students will sit for their Final Examination conducted by Nursing Board Malaysia. Upon graduation, the Assistant Nurse / Diploma in Nursing students will be able to register with Malaysian Nursing Board.

Entry Requirements:

  • Malaysian
  • Female / Male
  • Age 18 to 26 years
  • Single / Married

Diploma in Nursing (R/772/4/0153)(MQAA10431)07/2021 – 3 years full-time course

  • SPM with 5 credits (compulsory credit in Bahasa Malaysia, Science & Mathematics and 2 other subjects)
  • Pass in English
  • Intake: April & September

Certificate in Nursing (R/723/3/0080)(MQAFA6549)04/2017 – 2 years full-time course

  • SPM with 2 credits (compulsory credit in Bahasa Malaysia and 1 other subject)
  • Pass in English, Mathematics and Sciences
  • Intake: November



1. Accommodation

     Candidate will be provided accommodation within hospital compound.

2. Clinical Posting

     Clinical posting will be at Tung Shin Hospital and Government Hospital (Special Unit).

3. Study Loan

     PTPTN loan is available for qualified candidates.

4. Sponsorship

     Tung Shin Hospital offer sponsorship for applications who meet the requirement.

5. Other Benefit

    Option to work in Tung Shin Hospital on completion of training for qualified graduates.

     Assured 100 % employment




*Please write to the address / contact telephone no. given below for further information:

*All applications must be accompanied by 2 passport sized photographs, photocopied SPM certificate,  identity card, birth certificate and school leaving certificate.

The Principal 
Tung Shin Academy of Nursing
Level 5, Chinese Medical Division Block,
No. 102, Jalan Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel No  :  603-2037 2288 Ext: 150, 235
Fax No :  603-2070 0345
Email    :  nursing@tungshin.com.my


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